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From Marosvásárhely, Transylvania (Erdély)

The ÜSZTÜRÜ Ensemble plays the authentic village music of Transylvania and Hungary in an exciting performance. Members of the Ensemble have studied extensively with the greatest masters of Hungarian folk music and carry on a tradition, which will assure the survival of traditional Hungarian music into this new century. The ÜSZTÜRÜ has performed in many countries of Europe. The North American Tour during the Summer of 2000 will introduce this exciting group of musicians to this continent.

The ÜSZTÜRÜ Ensemble was founded in 1992 by young Hungarian musicians while attending university in Kolozsvár. They were born in Transylvania and had close connections to the communities where Hungarian folk music was still a living tradition. They witnessed first hand how authentic, traditional folk music, played on acoustic instruments, has disappeared from village life, having been displaced by electronic instruments and Western pop music. The members of the ÜSZTÜRÜ were fortunate to learn and play with the greatest masters of Transylvanian music: Sándor Fodor [Neti] and Ferenc Árus from Kalotaszeg; Kodoba Béla and his family from Magyarpalatka, István Ádám [Icsán] from Szék; István Jámbor [Domnezu] and Ferenc Mezei [Csángálo] from Szászcsávás. Some of them, alas, have passed away. Many years of playing with these folk artists and studying, collecting their music makes the members of the ÜSZTÜRÜ special bearers of Transylvanian Hungarian music. They are dedicated to assuring the continued survival of a folk art form, which can rarely be found even in its indigenous surroundings. The Ensemble is also at home in performing all Hungarian folk musical dialects from the Austrian border to the Eastern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains.

The ÜSZTÜRÜ is excited about their first North American visit. They wish to share with American audiences their enthusiasm for authentic Hungarian music and convey its deepest thoughts, exciting emotions and versatile moods as they have learned these from their masters. Featuring:

István Moldován, violin Levente Major, violin
József Szász, brácsa Lõrinc Szász, bass
Kálmán Koszorus, brácsa, cimbalom Julia Redõ, dance

ÜSZTÜRÜ Tour Dates 2000

JUNE 01 Th Arrive in NY
02 F Passaic, NJ Kalman Magyar – 201-836-4869
03 Sa New Brunswick, NJ Kalman Magyar – 201-836-4869
04 Su Wallingford, CT Kalman Magyar – 201-836-4869
05 M NY City Kalman Magyar – 201-836-4869
06 Tu NY City Kalman Magyar – 201-836-4869
07 W Washington, DC Hungarian Embassy & Tisza Ensemble, Kati (301) 929-0120
08 Th Ligonier, PA Bethlen Home, Rev. Imre Bertalan (724) 238-6711
09 F Toledo, OH Mrs. Baba Ujvagi Bertalan (419) 691-3303
10 Sa Chicago, IL Laszlo Aranyos (773) 271-1585
11 Su Detroit, MI Shirley Elkins (313) 386-6542
15 Th Akron, OH Lorantffy Zsuzsanna Home, Rev. Tibor Domotor (330) 666-2611
16 F Toronto, ONT Catherines Szabo (905) 882-0210, Farago Gyuri (416) 492-3754
17 Sa Buffalo, NY Eva Tarnoy (605) 262-5103 & (716) 837-1942
18 Su Delhi, ONT Frank Fulop (519) 866-5801
19 M Rochester, NY Zoltan Bogar (716) 234-1187
20 Tu Boston, MA Ildiko Toth (617) 489-0717
21 W Cleveland, OH Walt Mohavlich (216) 281-8727
22 Th Youngstown, OH Paula Horvath (330) 782-4738 & Elizabeth Szabo (330) 792-7862
23 F Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
24 Sa Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
25 Su Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
26 Mo Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
27 Tu Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
28 We Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
29 Th Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
30 Fr Ennon Valley, PA Dance/Music Camp “Symposium” (201) 836-4869
JULY 03 M Long Island, NY Olson/Cooper Barbacue (516) 741-5109
05 W Return to Budapest