Tour of the Dűvő folk Music Band

The Tour of the DUVO folk Music Band has been set for the next sefveral
weeks. It is sponsored by the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York and
coordiated by Centrum Management.

The DUVO is a wonderful group of friendly musicicans who have been invited
back to the TITITABOR in the Seatlle area many times. This time many of you
will have chance to meet them during their tour and enjoy their interesting

Here is some infor on them:
DÜVO Folk Music Band is one of Hungary’s most exciting folk music Ensembles
presenting authentic folk music from the Carpathian Basin. The Band’s
members reside in Salgotarján, Northern Hungary. The members of DÜVO have
dedicated their lives to the study of Hungarian folk music from the great
masters of remote villages where the authentic forms of folk music can still
be heard. Their dedication to preserve folk music is matched by their
enthusiasm to present it. The planned tour will take them to important
Hungarian communities, but will also include appearances in world music
clubs and cultural symposiums.

We hope you will be able to see them,

Kalman Magyar
178 Oakdene Ave.
Teaneck NJ 07666 USA
Tel: 201-836-4869
Fax: 201-836-1590

Duvo Itinerary 2003