Meszecsinka Band from Budapest

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Meszecsinka Band from Budapest


World Music from Hungary

Music from Europe, the Balkans and from the Middle-East, combining traditional and original compositions
with folk and jazz


The winners of Hungary’s nationwide 2011 FOLKBEATS talent search competition. Selected from 100 competitors!

Annamari Oláh- voice, Emil Biljarszki – synthesizer, guitar,

Krolikowski Dávid – percussion,  Vajdovich Árpád – bass


Meszecsinka Band from Budapest


Meszecsinka means “small moon” in Bulgarian, and is the child borne of a love affair. Meszecsinka’s music is intimate, magical and fragile – like any child of love.  Lead singer Annamari, ackowledged as one of the best new talents in Hungary sings in six languages (Hungarian, Roma, Bulgarian, Finnish, English and Spanish), members of the band are from three countries (Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland). They lead the audience into a wonderland of never-before-heard music rooted in the Balkans and Central-Europe. “Specialists would call it psychedelic new wave folk” – describes Fidelio, one of Hungary’s most influential musical periodical.

Fortified by a superb international musical cast, Meszecsinka promises to provide a performance surely to dazzle North American audiences. “Beyond the musical components there is the essence of the Paneuropean culture”…. “Brilliant album!” Lángoló Gitárok [Flaming Guitars].

During Hungary’s highly competitive FOLKBEATS 2011 talent search competition, the prestigious jury selected Meszecsinka as the “best world music group” from among almost 100 entrants. Their winning prize:  a North American Tour.


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Lángoló Gitárok,, – lemezkritika, Magyar Narancs – Túl Ösztönös (MLT cikke) ,


The Hungarian Cultural Center, NY is supporting the tour of Meszecsinka. The Center is dedicated to promoting Hungarian culture and increasing the awareness of the wonderful cultural resources of Hungary to the North American public. The Center is funded by the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.




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