GYPSY Spirit

GYPSY Spirit, Journey of the Roma pays homage to the legendary music and dance traditions of the Gypsy.
The music of the Gypsies (or Roma) has fascinated people for centuries. The show will trace the route of the Gypsy traditions, depicting some of the most exciting styles of music and dance. Our journey begins in India, and then proceeds to Turkey before traveling west across the European continent. The journey will feature exotic Turkish music and dances, Spanish Flamenco, fiery Bulgarian footwork and melodies; Romanian tunes performed at breathtaking speed, and refined csardases from Hungary and Transylvania. The performance will offer a sampling of these vibrant cultural treasures connected by the passion of the Gypsy.
The homeland of the Gypsy can be traced back to Northern India. Their migration to the West started about a thousand years ago for reasons unknown. Today they are found in almost every country in Eastern, Western and Central Europe and also in America. Their fierce spirits penetrate through the heart and soul, inspiring cultures and thrilling audiences from around the world.
The Budapest Dance Ensemble is one of the oldest, yet freshest performing groups in Europe. In the 40 years of its existence the professional troupe has performed on almost every continent, to excellent reviews. The Ensemble presents Hungarian and other Central European folklore that retains the power of authentic traditions, while satisfying the increasingly sophisticated expectations of contemporary audiences. Zoltán Zsuráfszki, Artistic Director, is one of Europe’s most accomplished choreographers. The Ensemble’s last tour to North America, with the wonderful show CSÁRDÁS, Tango of the East, was a resounding success with critics and audiences alike.
Kálmán Balogh, musical director, is an exceptional musician from a famous Gypsy musical dynasty. He is one of the most notable cimbalom players in the world. He has toured extensively in Europe and in North America to critical acclaim. Balogh has traveled to remote villages and studied the indigenous music of the Roma people. His cimbalom artistry was featured in numerous major European festivals and on classical concert stages.

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